Sleep-Chair & Lökö-Hammoc

Sleep-Chair is well suited for guinea pigs and little bunnys ( 2-3kg)

Sleep-Chair gives your pet something to gnaw on and it also gives a lovely place for a nap at Lökö-Hammoc.

You can purchase more changeable legs for the chair from our online store. It is good for the environment and gives mileage for the product.

Wooden parts treated with non-toxic wax!


Height ~22cm, deph~30cm, width ~30cm. Product includes Lökö-Hammoc        (about 27cm X 27cm), wich is made of 100% cotton and inside pad 100% polyester. From our onlines store you can also purchase more Lökö-Hammoc- products.

From here you can find availavble designs: Lökö-Hammoc

Please write your wish for the design of Lökö-Hammoc to the message box in the shopping cart. If there is no request in the message box, we'll send one of the available designs.

Price: 29.90€ (inc. VAT 24%) + postage.

25.00 €