Guinea pig breeding & sale

Teddy guinea pigs from HugAlan

Breeding guinea pigs with love 

Without forgetting the importance of character and handling!

The guinea pig rearing facilities have also been checked by the supervising veterinarian to make sure they are functioning, and a notification has been made to the regional administration agency and Pyhäjoki municipality about the keeping of animals. The facilities will be inspected by the supervising veterinarian every 1-3 years.

A certified breeder gets the title when he reports large-scale animal keeping to Avi. Marsula is therefore under the supervision veterinarian's control. I think this is in the interest of the animals, but also of the breeder and the buyer. 

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HugAla's guinea pigs

On January 2, 2020, I founded the business name HugAlan Marsut. 

Only when I receive the receipt of the booking fee (€20) is the guinea pig reserved. The reservation fee is deducted from the sale price of the guinea pig. The payment will not be refunded if the purchase of the guinea pig is cancelled. For this reason, I hope that the purchase is really thought out and considered. The reservation fee will only be refunded if the reserved guinea pig falls ill / dies. I also make a deed of sale for each guinea pig, in which the buyer undertakes to take care of the guinea pig(s) and take care of the sick pet to a veterinarian if necessary. Please stick to the agreed guinea pig pick-up times! For the import of guinea pigs, I will take a compensation, which will be thought about together, but approx. €10-€20, depending on the journey and whether the guinea pigs need, for example, a place in a pet carriage on the train. And of course, at this price, I'm not just going to bring guinea pigs, but it has to be, for example, an exhibition trip.

As a general rule, the guinea pig(s) must be picked up on the agreed day, at the age of donation. If the guinea pig is not picked up within a week, the reservation will be cancelled.

Please read the homepage carefully, especially if you have thought carefully about the section. I don't sell guinea pigs unless the matter has been really thought and considered. Guinea pigs are not short-lived, and it requires a commitment of several years, even 4-8 years. It's worth coming to get acquainted if you're making new acquaintances. Let's take guinea pigs for an allergy trial period. It's a smaller matter than realizing that guinea pigs aren't our family's thing, or that an allergy does indeed appear. I carefully consider the homes for everyone, I really hope for honesty from the buyer, as I, as a breeder, want to act honestly. Belonging is a plus :) It's been horrible to realize that we often swear that we have a good place and a home for the rest of our lives. The fastest new home search has been after 2 months. The reason is, there is no time. So stop and think really, are guinea pigs your family pets?

- guinea pigs are not so-called neat. Hair and hay are rustling. The fact that the apartment stays clean when the guinea pigs move means sweeping several times a day in front of the guinea pig enclosure/cage.

-guinea pigs are not silent. They mostly sleep at night, but yes, noise can come from there when you mumble hay or drive the guy next to you away.

- guinea pigs make great pets if you can manage to take care of them, invest in them and make them part of the family's everyday life <3

I'll help, as much as I can within my time :), if I don't answer right away, I'll try to do so within a day. The best way to reach me is by email. I often don't dare to answer the phone because of the hectic pace of everyday life.

If something happens to the guinea pig or guinea pigs within two weeks of the donation, please contact me immediately. The guinea pigs are checked when leaving. Remember to monitor the guinea pig weight e.g. once a week. The weight always drops a little after moving into a new home, but it should start to gain within a few days. Monitoring the weight of guinea pigs is also a way to see if the guinea pig is sick. The guinea pig hides the disease until the end, the appetite is the first thing that often reveals the disease. Then always see a veterinarian without delay!

Feel free to contact us if you want to get more information about what a guinea pig is like as a pet, or you can come and get to know the guinea pigs by appointment.

You should think about an allergy test if you have even the slightest suspicion of an allergy. Many times people are most allergic to that dry hay. However, guinea pigs cannot do without it, since it is the main food. You should test your allergy to hay by buying a small bag of hay from the rodent side and opening it in the corner of the living room. Soon you will see if there is a hay allergy in the family. Hay can also be fluffed and processed to see the symptoms or absence of symptoms. Hay dust gets into my nose and makes me sneeze, but shortness of breath or other symptoms are not included, and at least at that time I do not recommend pets that eat hay. At that time, you should think about gerbils, for example, which are also nice as pets if you get them well tamed from a breeder.

Allergy test 1 week €25 and 2 weeks €30.

The collection includes guinea pigs, a cage, treats, hay and a pellet mix for the whole time. Fresh food must be procured by the allergy test site yourself. Allergy testing is paid for when applying for guinea pigs. The experimenter retrieves and returns the guinea pigs. If the guinea pigs get sick during the experiment, the breeder should be contacted immediately. If the guinea pig catches a cold/sickness/accident, the experiment site will pay the veterinarian's expenses or, if the guinea pig dies, the price of the guinea pig. Of course, the breeder is responsible for the veterinarian's expenses if the guinea pig falls ill, e.g. with a respiratory tract infection, right in the first days of the experiment.