General info about the products

Products for small pets

Köllö-Bed, Lökö-hammoc, tunnel, hay-Bag & pee-pad will be sewn in Finland Pyhäjoki!

In planning the products I have attached a lot in attenttion by nature and the carbon pawprint.

Products are long-lived, easy to clean and wash

Willow what we use in our products are collected from country side, little village named Luohua. Far away from enviromental toxins!

Testing these products we have found what small animals loves. Also what fabric works in exaple in to wood chip and it's still easy to clean up.

For example Köllö-Bed has been tested by our guinea pigs, bunnys, cat's and Chihuhaua! 

The best everyone of our pet has been fell asleep in this <3

Here you can see happy mice, owned by my friend, with HamHam-Chair & little tunnel. 

I want always see that product will be used, before I make it more and but it to the online shop!


The size: diameter~32 cm and hight ~10cm. 

In the Köllö-Bed can be fit even two, here in my guinea pig shed, has been enjoyed themselves also mother and her little baby's. Our family cats has also cramped alone in this bed, but in this situation I recommend this bed only for one cat at the time :)