Miu-Hau Köllö-Bed

The product is suitable for e.g. for cats and small dogs 4-5 kg!

Köllö-Peti, who invites you to sleep!

Product information: The bed is made of 100% cotton. 100% polyester batting on the bottom of the pillow. This is quilted in cotton fabric to keep its shape better. The edges of the pillow are filled with 100% polyester cotton.

Köllö-Pet always comes with a protective base, inside which there is also sheet batting (100% polyester). This increases the lifespan of the product, because the entire pillow does not need to be washed as often.

Here you can choose pattern options: Fabric patterns (cotton)

Let Köllö-Peti know your pattern request in the message field in the shopping cart. Unless you select patterns separately, we will send a pattern that is ready from stock.

Size: diameter approx. 45cm, height approx. 15cm

Wash at 30 degrees and style after washing, no tumble drying.

Please remove the product from use if the product breaks!

Price: €31.90, incl. VAT 24% + postage

31.90 €