Köllö-Bed, Design Vegan

It's well suited for guinea pigs and little bunnys, dogs, cats ( 2-3kg)

Köllö-Bed who whispers to catch some Z's..

Dimensions: Bed has made of 100% cotton . On the bottom is 100% polyester Wadding. This has been quited to upper fabric so it will keep better shape when you wash the product. The pillow edge has stuffed with 100% polyester cotton.

With Köllö-Bed is coming always a Pee-pad, inside this is impermeable fabric, 100% polyester Wadding, outside 100% Cotton fabric. This give more lifetime to Köllö-Bed, because you have to wash only the pee-pad mostly.

But the Pee-Pad to the Köllö-Bed decorative stich upside!

Here you can choose the design to the fabric : Suoja-alusta Köllö-Petiin

Please write your wish for the design of the pee-pad to the message box in the shopping cart. If there is no request in the message box, we'll send one of the available designs.

Size: diameter ~32cm, height ~10cm

Wash in 30 degree, allow to dry naturally

Don't use product if it get damaged!

Recommendation: From our online store you can buy more exchange pee-bads to Köllö-Bed !

Price: 20,00€ (inc. VAT 24%) + postage.

25.00 €
Available in 7 days